Funds '07

Money Needed for 2007

Funds needed for competition: $0

Funds Granted: $2380.00

Funds Requested: $500


Any and all sponsors are welcome, feel free to donate through the paypal link to the right or by sending a check to our school.

The Dini Group:
The Dini Group is an incredible group of smart and talented electrical engineers. They have generously agreed to donate the full $2,300 plus the cost of making shirts for this year's competition.

The Dini Group's main product line is a series of ASIC prototyping boards with 1 to 16 FPGA's on a single boards with millions of logic gates available. The cost per gate is well below $.01 allowing for a affordable solution to the problem of software emulation.
Being less-than-qualified to speak about their product, a link to their site will allow for more in-depth knowledge about them and their products.


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