Botball Robot Building and Programming Team

About us

Here is where you can read about the team members:

Team leader:Fahrzin "Farz" Hemmati

Fahrzin has had many endeavours but welcomes the ever-enticing world of robotics back each year and gladly gets the team members and sponsors together. Soon there should be some current members below this.

Sebastian Ruf

Sebastian did Botball 2005 but had decided he was too busy of Botball'06. Being a senior this year (along with all but Elias) he decided he could stay up a bit later to finish his homework. This guy built 90% of our robots this year and went home with our Judges' Choice Award: Most Effort from a Small Team.

Noah Kagan

Noah has been doing Botball for as long as anyone can remember. He was chosen as a programmer since he programmed IC since the beginning and because when he touches LEGOs they shatter in impossible ways. We still don't know how he broke our extending arm from 2006. This guy didn't show up to the tournament.

Pan "Peter" Hu

Peter expressed interest for the first time in 2007 for Botball when Noah talked to him about it. He became a builder and made the right arm for our Harvester bot. He didn't show up to the tournament either.

Elias Izpisua

Elias is the youngest on the team. Only a junior at La Jolla High School, he came the least often due to having the only hard schedule in the team. He didn't show up to the tournament for some class' study session. He was mainly a builder and built the first version of HouseBot. We took Housebot apart due to complications that arose as we tested it.


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